Capitol Hill

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Welcome to Capitol Hill

A historic and trendy neighborhood in the urban heart of DC

Capitol Hill is often thought of as strictly a historic neighborhood. And while it is steeped in history, the largest neighborhood in the District is also a trendy urban center full of art and incredible dining. The residential area of the neighborhood is nestled alongside what many picture when they hear the name Capitol Hill. The Supreme Court, the Capitol Building, and many other government buildings are iconic spots here, but the day-to-day living that happens around them is full of modern dining and entertainment.
The neighborhood formed around the needs of the government. As they began to work at the Capitol and the Washington Navy Yards, the residential area grew as a way to accommodate them. The Civil War brought another substantial period of growth, but the neighborhood has grown steadily and remained quite stable since it began in the early 1800s.
Historic rowhouses line street after street of Capitol Hill. These well-maintained or restored homes are full of variety and many have even been divided into apartments if you’re looking for a smaller dwelling. There are few yards to be found in this neighborhood, but that’s balanced out by the incredible neighborhood parks and the many urban amenities available here.

What to Love

  • Full of wide avenues lined with historic row houses 
  • Proximity to many historic buildings 
  • Beautiful public green spaces
  • Trendy dining and entertainment

Local Lifestyle 

Full of families and politicos, Capitol Hill is an urban neighborhood that belies its proximity to the bustle. There’s an incredible cultural scene as well as many acclaimed restaurants, and residents are close enough to neighborhoods like Dupont Circle to go in search of nightlife. There may be history around every corner, but this neighborhood isn’t stuck in the past. Instead, it’s looking to the future and so are its residents.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

There are many coffee shops and fine dining options throughout the nation’s capital. One of the most vibrant streets is the H Street Corridor, which is full of inventive and delightful businesses.
Toki Underground is a popular ramen spot on H Street that has long lines for a good reason. But while you’re waiting for your reservation, its neighboring equestrian-themed bar, Hill Prince, is happy to shake up a drink for you. Mr. Henry’s offers live music multiple nights a week with a side dish of mouth-watering burgers and sandwiches. Farther down in the neighborhood is the elegant Pineapple and Pearls with its inventive tasting menu and lush cocktails. Around the corner, you’ll find its sister establishment Little Pearl, which is a coffee house by day and a wine bar by night.
Eastern Market is a premier food and art market open Tuesday through Sunday and is the perfect spot to get all your groceries. There is a butcher, florist, fishmonger, and baker, as well as a lively flea market and sprawling farmers’ market. People travel in from around the District to shop here, and residents are lucky enough to have it just outside their doors.

Things to Do

There are numerous historic places and events to keep Capitol Hill trendy and vibrant. There are also many gorgeous spaces to be outdoors, so be sure to enjoy the cherry blossoms, the sunshine, or the crisp fall air of the District.
One of the most well-known single-day events in the district is the H Street Festival. It was founded as a way to revitalize this historic neighborhood, and showcases local art and performance, food and drink, and is a genuine celebration of the community. In the heart of Capitol Hill is the historic Ford’s Theatre, where visitors can go to a museum as well as their many superb live performances.
There are many incredible greenspaces in Capitol Hill, including the National Mall. Beyond the memorials and the reflecting pool, the tree-lined paths are often filled with bikes and rollerblades, and the lush grass is dotted with picnickers. Lincoln Park, the most expansive urban park in Capitol Hill, is a popular neighborhood gathering spot. Just a few blocks from the capital, Stanton Park is a large greenspace full of leafy walking paths and a large playground.


Capitol Hill is served by private schools as well as the District of Columbia Public Schools, a school system full of ideal and distinctive institutions.
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