Home Selling Tips!

  • Lledon Stokes
  • 12/8/21

When you’re in the middle of selling your house and you’re trying to make it look ready for a showing, some details can be missed in the presentation aspect of showing your house. Here are some easy examples of things you can do to make your house look more desirable to a buyer.

  1. Light it up

The more light that is in a room, the bigger it looks. Whether it means you get rid of drapes for the day, cut down bushes that prevent light from getting in, or cleaning your windows, having lots of natural light makes the place look brighter and bigger. 

  1. Take care of your landscape

As much as we tell ourselves to not judge a book by its cover, we all do it. People are making observations and judging the house before they even set foot in it. Paying attention to your lawn, flower beds and walkway are key first impressions you can make on buyers before they even get inside.

  1. Get rid of your pets

As much as you think having your cute puppy in the house when people come by will make it more sellable, it won’t! Some people might be turned off when they see a dog food bowl in the kitchen or hair all over the place. In addition, some people might find it harder to picture themselves living in a space where you still have things that belong to you like your cat or dog or even family photos.

  1. Don’t over upgrade

Making small renovation projects to your house before selling can definitely pay off but taking on a huge and expensive project can end up costing you more money. Painting the walls, replacing door knobs and leaky faucets or buying new curtains are small and inexpensive ways to make your house look better.

These are some small and practical ways you can improve your home before selling. Small improvements can make it look more appealing to the buyer and even increase your sale price. 


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