• Lledon Stokes
  • 11/18/21

Transferring ownership of a home is stressful for all parties. Many things have to happen in a short period, and there can be major ramifications if anything falls through.

Even when everything is fair, the process can be incredibly stressful for buyers. Buyers must go through a complex and sometimes unfamiliar process while making weighty decisions related to what is probably the most expensive purchase of their lives. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the escrow process and its potential pitfalls well in advance. That way, you'll be emotionally, intellectually, and financially prepared to finish the race and close the deal.


If a buyer or seller is not available on the designated closing date, this should be brought up to the title company right away so arrangements can be made.

Power of Attorney- It is always preferable that a buyer or seller sign their own documents, but sometimes giving another trusted person the power of attorney is appropriate and necessary. Inform the closing agent as soon as you know so that the appropriate power of attorney document can be prepared.

Appropriate reasons for power of attorney include travel abroad , infirmity , and physical disability.

Mail Away – If you can not attend the settlement, a remote settlement can be arranged where documents are mailed or emailed and notary is sent with the documents. Inform the title company that this is needed and provide details of where you are located so arrangements can be made.


Bills – To qualify for a loan, your loan officer may advise you to pay off specific bills. Maintain your normal acitvity on all other accounts.

Purchases- Your funds have already been verified by the loan officer. Your lender will typically warn against big purchases such as buying a car or luxury items. or applying/obtaining any new credit cards.


Plan ahead for the funds to close. Funds to close must be received on or before the closing date. Funds must be delivered via wire transfer to the title company or by a cashiers check payable to the title company. Never send funds via ACH. Check with your bank well in advance of settlement to determine the steps you need to take to deliver funds for closing. Out of town banks or credit unions might take longer to transfer funds, and liquidating investment funds can also cause delays. Plan on sending funds a day or two before closing to ensure good funds are available on the closing date as required by your contract.


Homeowners Insurance – Your lender will require that you obtain the requisite homeowners insurance for the property with the lender as a named insured. Coordinate this with the insurance agent of your choice and your lender well in advance of closing.

Lender- Your lender will request income-related documents to comply with loan under writing requirements. Submit all paperwork quickly to make the closing process smooth

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